DAISY's are Popping up Everywhere

Aaron and I are so excited that we are going to make our first feature film about own LOVE life. Of course the story is dramatized a bit because of the need to make it more fun for the audience.

2019 is turning out to be the most exciting time of our life. We are building two things right now. A feature film, and a building across from The Goodwood Library on Jefferson. The building is a dream come true, we have been working for years to come up with a amazing work, live space that we could call a creative hub for Baton Rouge.

The film Daisy and Smiling Jack we are building for the Baton Rouge film community is going great and we will be using a lot of Baton Rouge landmarks. The Varsity Theatre, Ann Connelly Gallery, Baton Rouge Art Gallery, Highland Coffee. This will be one of those projects that I hope to remember forever!!! It already feels like a family affair. My mom and dad are involved. My film brother is directing Alexander Jeffery, we have done 3 or4 projects together. My baby sister’s band will be rocking out with us for the film on March 21st at the Varsity Theatre. The band is called Walker Lukens Band.

I will be writing about both projects once a week !! To keep y’all updated.

Walker Lukens concert option3_with-logo (1).jpg