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Jency originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, acted in Los Angeles for 8 years before returning to once again be a vital part of Louisiana's film community. She loves acting and creating her own content. She has a passion for period drama. She also produced films such as Madeline's Oil, With My Soul, Painted Parakeets, and The Verses. She has recently directed a film called Last Light.


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I worked closely with Jency Hogan on both creative and logistical undertakings and she was a true joy, always measured and still passionate. She thinks quickly on her feet, and is full of innovative ideas and solutions for a wide range of issues. Her deep roots in the Baton Rouge area complimented her hardworking, positive, can-do attitude and make her an invaluable resource. Jency’s management style is both effective and warm, making everyone she works with feel inspired and encouraged. I can’t wait for the opportunity to work with this motivated, dependable and considerate person again.
— Ryan Hawke - Producer of BLAZE

Jency is the most amazing person to work with! Her energy is radiant and she is an enthusiastic problem solver and will do whatever it takes to get things done in a timely, efficient and POSITIVE manner. She is very ambitious and loves to take on new challenges! I would love to have the honor to work with Jency again!
— Megan Hebert - make up artist - producer

I love working with Jency Hogan on any project whether it’s film, theatre or production. She’s professional, creative and specific in her vision on all works. I enjoy working with her as a colleague; but most of all, I’ve gained an amazing friendship!
— Bianca Siplin-actress

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