Jency Griffin Hogan

JENCY GRiffin Hogan 


Actress • Director • Producer 


I became an actress when I was 16, traveling around doing a one woman show for large audiences. At that point in my life I had no idea that acting and filmmaking would be my favorite art medium. What I have discovered is that I love taking people with me through a story, through the eyes of a character. When I graduated college with a degree from Louisiana Tech University in theatre I decided to move to Los Angeles.

While there I learned more about myself through rigorous acting classes, many short film experiences and let's be honest waiting tables. After moving back to my home state Louisiana and auditioning and working for other production companies and studios, I realized I had stories that I wanted to tell. Stories like the ones that had inspired me as a kid. When I was young I had about 5 films that I watched over and over.

I have recently set out to create a film that is epic and timeless. Something about Louisiana history and something that will inspire people to be best version of themselves. I have created many short films in the past 5 years with this goal in mind. My end goal is not be famous but to leave a legacy of films behind me that will inspire people for generations. 


Director and ProduceR



On the verge of her mother's death, Addie returns home to shed light on her dark past amidst the wreckage collected over twenty years.

Madeline's Oil

Madeline’s Oil is a moving short film that follows a turning point in the lives of an 1800's Louisiana family.


With My Soul 

With My Soul is a story of redemption, faith, and love. Five girls, trapped in bondage during the Civil War, ponder whether faith can help them.

The Verses

"When a fugitive slave accidentally leads bounty hunters to an Underground Railroad safe house, an Abolitionist pastor and his daughter are forced to test the limits of their faith to protect innocent lives.