BLAZE - Sundance Film Festival 2018

I was blessed to work with an amazing team that made creative and inspiring film about Blaze Foley. Blaze Foley was a musician who inspired us all with his truthful lyrics. His songs are haunting and beautiful. He was also an artist towards the end of this life and I'm lucky to have one of his pieces hanging in my house. Ethan Hawke was the inspired by LIving in the Woods in a Tree, Remembering Blaze Foley written by Blaze's wife written Sybil Rosen.  I was lucky to get to work with one of the producers Ryan Hawke, (Ethan's wife) helping her with some producer type tasks. I was also lucky enough to land a role in very small role in the film. 

People ask me all the time, what was it like working with Ethan Hawke. I have to say... it was amazing. He is kind and inspiring to everyone on set. He seems to like to have an optimistic atmosphere while shooting. He is full of creative energy and love for what he does. 

Jency Hogan