"The Before Series " Inspiration - Richard Linklater

Ok... so to be honest. I'm new to the "Before" series. There are three films. Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight. Because I got to work closely with Ethan and Ryan Hawke. I kept hearing people talk about the "Before" series. I thought well if these are directed by Richard Linklater, the director of Boyhood I want to see them. They turned out to be beautiful and inspiring.  Two people meet and talk and get to know each other throughout a whole night. The writing was so great and they were always moving in cars, trains, rides. It was so simple and yet so beautiful. I have decided I want to try to do something similar one day. I think because I have been making period drama for five years. Simplicity scares me. There is nothing to fall back on. No pretty horses. They acting and the dialogue will need to be amazing. I'm really going to let loose and let my hair down and let my messy self really come to life in my next few films. Thank you Richard.

When I was at Sundance listening to Ethan Hawke talk in a Q &A after BLAZE he talked about how he and Richard Linklater are both obsessed with the idea of time, that time was actually a character in these "before series" films. It found that to be eye opening and enlighting. All three trailers are listed here. You have got to see these films.  I love how the more film I make the more inspired I become by other filmmakers that have come before me.